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Greetings!  Na’vi is a constructed language spoken by the Na’vi people in the world of James Cameron’s Avatar.

LearnNavi exists to share the Na’vi language with all who want to learn, as well as to promote and assist in its continuing development. Whether you are brand-new to Na’vi, or speak it like one of the People, all are welcome!

The official source for all aspects of the Na’vi language is the blog of its creator, Dr. Paul Frommer at naviteri.org. All of the information you will find here is based on that authority or created in cooperation with Dr. Frommer. LearnNavi.org has existed since 2009 and is the original and most tenured resource on the net to learn the Na’vi language. Many of our instructors have been here since the beginning!

LearnNavi.org is also home of the longest running and most devoted online fan community for Avatar. Our international community is diverse, accommodating and friendly. Join us in the Forum or Discord! Ayoel ayngati kameie nìwotx … we see you all!!

Site Features and Other LearnNavi Resources

This informational website, like the Na’vi language itself, is vital and constantly evolving. We have a frequently updated Na’vi-to-English vocabulary section, information on speaking/pronouncing Na’vi, and a grammar and syntax section. There is also a library of reference materials, including the Na’vi Dictionary in the Media section. Check back often for updates!

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      • LearnNavi Forums – Discuss the Na’vi language and the film with others, get feedback, and perhaps learn something new. Or just join in for conversation with the friendliest and most diverse Avatar community on the net! This is a traditional forum-style social platform.
      • LearnNavi Community Discord Server – Where to go to hear and learn the Na’vi language in a multimedia learning environment and interact with other Na’vi fans in real time. The server provides scheduled online interactive language classes with knowledgeable instructors and tutors as well as channels to practice conversation in Na’vi.


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