Numbers in Na’vi

Via an email from Paul Frommer, we have an official word on the numbering system! Source

Kaltxì ma oeyä ‘eylan Nayumeie,
Ngeyä pxesìpawmìri ngaru seiyi oe irayo.
‘Awa tìpawmìri ‘iveyng oe set; aylari zusawkrr ‘ayeyng.
[zusawkrr = future; in the future]

I have a nice complete chart, but it wouldn’t be cool if I simply attached it, as I’m sure you understand. Let me convey the essence, however, in a different form.

The system, as you know, is octal:

‘aw, mune, pxey, tsìng, mrr, pukap, kinä, vol
volaw, vomun, vopey, vosìng, vomrr, vofu, vohin, mevol
mevolaw, mevomun, . . ., pxevol
pxevolaw, pxevomun, . . ., tsìvol
zam ( = 64, or 100 octal)
vozam ( = 512, or 1000 octal)
zazam ( = 4096, or 10000 octal)

First line above: In disyllables, stress is on the 1st.
Second line above: In disyllables, stress is on the 2nd, except for mevol.
Third line: Stress on the final syllables, except for pxevol.

That should be enough for you to figure out the rest.
Kìyevame ulte Eywa ngahu,