Announcing the 2014 Annual Na’vi Language Writing Contest!

To commemorate the 5th Birthday of Avatar and, a Na’vi language contest has been organized by community member Tìtstewan. The categories are Prose and Poetry.

The overall theme of this year’s contest is:
Mrra zìsìt hu Uniltìrantok sì LearnNa’ teya ta vur lu. Pivlltxe pum ngeyä!
(Five years with Avatar and LN which is full of history. Tell yours!)

Compositions should be one of the following themes

  • Why do you love the Na’vi language?
  • What do you like about the Na’vi’s culture, life and environment?
  • What was/is the best experience you had/have with this community or regarding learning Na’vi?
    Complete details can be found here!
    Good luck!