LearnNavi.org is the world’s largest online Avatar fan community. The website grew out of our love for Avatar and the Na’vi language and we decided to create a community around it. The result: LearnNa’vi!
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Who’s behind all this

  • Dr. Paul Frommer: Creator of the Na’vi language, Karyu (Teacher)
  • Mark Miller: LearnNavi.org Administrator, Press Contact ([email protected])
  • Tìtstewan: Assistant Administrator, code jocky
  • Tirea Aean: Assistant Administrator, web guru
  • Seze: Assistant Administrator, app dev and security architect
  • Sebastian W (Payoang): LN Founder
  • Prrton: Language Champion
  • Ftiafpi: LN Promotion
  • wm.annis: Na’vi Grammar Documentation
  • … and many other contributors from the forum!


Questions, suggestions? We’re all ears [email protected]