AvatarMeet 2017 is a Wrap!

AvatarMeet 2017 is now history, but it certainly created a lot of memories. From learning Na’vi in Pandora, to visiting the Kennedy Space Center, to volunteering at a local nature preserve, it was a week of fun and camaraderie for old friends and new. And the good news is that nobody got kicked out of the hotel for being too loud playing Cards Against Humanity at midnight!

AvatarMeet 2017 at Pandora

Attendees were treated to a trip to Pandora, courtesy of Alpha Centauri Expeditions.

Disney and Lightstorm Entertainment have created the amazing experience of traveling to Pandora at the Animal Kingdom in Orlando, Florida. Experiencing this should be on the bucket list for every fan of Avatar!

Avatar.com Goes Live!

We’re excited to announce the new Avatar.com website is now live!

The new official Avatar website is starting off small as a work-in-progress with interactive access to the Pandoran Research Foundation. The PRF continues the message of conservation and environmental responsibility that is such a large part of Avatar and more recently, Disney’s Pandora – The World of Avatar.  Visit and get more information on the PRF, create your own profile and find links to the latest on the world of Avatar.

A topic with discussion on the new Avatar website is on the LN forum here. Drop in and see what others are saying about it.

Avatar.com will be growing as new content and portals to other topics of interest are added. Go check it out now!

Pandora – The World of Avatar is Open!

Pandora – The World of Avatar is now open at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Orlando Florida, USA! The global media and dedication event on May 23rd was attended by dignitaries from Disney and Lightstorm Entertainment, as well as the principle cast from the film and most major news organizations and movie industry media. It was an extravaganza that only Disney can bring. The attendees were wined and dined in high fashion and Disney took the opportunity to showcase some of their other new shows and attractions.

The Global Media Event lasted until well after dark. If Pandora is amazing in the daytime, it is absolutely mind-blowing at night. The bio-luminescent plants and animals make it seem like a completely different place. The floating mountains and lush alien rainforest really is another world. You are on Pandora.

Placing Pandora at Disney’s Animal Kingdom is a perfect choice, because Avatar also has a theme of conservation, environmental responsibility, and respect for the natural world and indigenous cultures. This continues at Pandora almost everywhere you look. The setting is a generation later than the film and the Pandoran Conservation Initiative (PCI) has now been created. PCI’s focus is on reversing past habitat destruction and showing how even small changes in the ecology can cause decline or even collapse of dependent species up the food chain. On Pandora, a keystone species is the ikran, and the PCI is very busy learning how the excesses of the RDA and other activities have harmed their habitat and are creating courses of action to reverse the damage and restore Pandora. Of course, this kind of thing is also happening on Earth, here and now. The Message of Pandora that was started by Jim Cameron in 2009 continues with the power of Disney behind it. Beyond just raising awareness, Disney has announced a new $1,000,000 program connected to The World of Pandora that will aid in restoring habitats for animals here on Earth.

Not incidentally, the Na’vi language has a significant part in the presentation of Pandora. Many people will be exposed to Na’vi for the first time and likely will visit LearnNavi.org to learn more. Here they will find our amazing community, and we hope will be rewarded with everything they want to know about Na’vi.

See you on Pandora!  Siva ko!

Standing Rock Sioux Tribe calls on President Barack Obama to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline

Water protectors being attacked

Native Americans and other water protectors being attacked by militarized law enforcement.

“This is how it’s done. When people are sitting on shit you want, you make them your enemy. Then you’re justified in taking it.” – Jake Sully (Avatar)

The leader of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe called on President Barack Obama to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline today, after a clash last night that protest organizers say left 17 people hospitalized and scores more injured after law enforcement unleashed water, rubber bullets and tear gas on demonstrators in below-freezing temperatures near Cannon Ball, North Dakota.

“The easement to build the unsafe Dakota Access Pipeline has not been granted. But under the cover of darkness, North Dakota law enforcement continues to engage in unlawful and dehumanizing tactics to subdue peaceful water protectors with tear gas and water cannons,” Dave Archambault II, the chairman of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, said in a statement today. “Live video footage on Facebook this Sunday night (Nov. 20) clearly document that North Dakota’s law enforcement and government officials have sanctioned aggressive acts in failed attempts to disperse water protectors who have the right to demonstrate against and report on this failing project. It’s time for President Obama to condemn these tactics and this pipeline.

“Our culture, our children and our homelands have repeatedly been stolen from us,” Archambault added. “We are deeply saddened that despite the millions of Americans and allies around the world who are standing with us at Standing Rock, a single corporate bully — backed by U.S. government taxpayer dollars through a militarized law enforcement — continue[s] to be sanctioned by aggressive, unlawful acts. President Obama, this cannot be your legacy.”

The clash on Sunday took place after demonstrators gathered on the Backwater Bridge, north of a protest camp in Morton County, according to authorities. About 400 people attempted to breach a law enforcement blockade on the bridge to go north on Highway 1806. The Morton County Sheriff’s Department described it as a “riot.”

The standoff at the bridge comes after months of tension between law enforcement and demonstrators who are pushing to block construction of the four-state Dakota Access Pipeline, which the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe says threatens its water supply and traverses sacred sites. The company building the pipeline has argued that these claims are unfounded.

Read the entire November 21, 2016 ABC News story at http://abcnews.go.com/US/leader-standing-rock-sioux-tribe-calls-obama-halt/story?id=43690859

Farmers Driven From Homes ‘Like Pests’ by Dam Projects – Bloomberg

Jatigede Dam

Jatigede Dam, Sept. 25, 2015

Developing nations are in the middle of the biggest dam construction program in history to generate power, irrigate fields, store water and regulate flooding.  … many are financed by Chinese banks and led by the nation’s biggest dam builder, Sinohydro Corp. China is involved in constructing some 330 dams in 74 different countries.

See this Bloomberg News Article for more.