The LearnNavi WordPress Site Has Moved to a New Home

Some may remember that last year, Lightstorm Entertainment (you know, those talented folks who created Avatar) provided a grant to that covered a large fraction of the cost of a much-needed server upgrade. Since then, a lot of technical wizardry has been going on behind the scenes to create a robust and powerful platform for the LearnNavi online presence. The result is LearnNa’vi v2.0! A huge irayo nìtxan to Seze and several others for their awesome effort and abilities in building this new server.

But wait, there’s more™! The new server is actually in production, serving up the content you are looking at right now. Coming soon is a project to update and expand’s online learning resources to make it even easier to learn this amazing language.  ‘Ivong Na’vi!

Disney’s Pandora Background Music Now on iTunes!

The awesome soundtrack of the Valley of Mo’ara can be found at:

On the first track, you will hear the sounds of the Flight of Passage experience. Can you hear the following Na’vi words and phrases spoken by your Na’vi guide?

  • Alaksi srak? Nong oet!
  • Fìfya’o!
  • Nìler.
  • Nari si.
  • Tam. Var kivä.
  • Tsun tivam.
  • May’ fìkem sivi.
  • Eywa ftxoley.
  • Alaksi lu nga. Tsun fìkem sivi.
  • Tsun nga fìkem sivi.
  • Siva ko!
  • Soleia!
  • Makto ko.
  • Eywa’eveng. Oey kelku.
  • Nìn tsat, sätaron.
  • ’Ä’ … Ke li!
  • Oel ngati kameie.