Na’vi Sign Language with CJ Jones

For those interested in the Na’vi Sign Language seen in Avatar – The Way of Water, Lightstorm has sponsored a series of YouTube videos with information and interviews with CJ Jones. CJ is the creator of the sign language used by the Reef People when they are underwater. Since this sign language is an entity unto its own and not a spin-off or altered version of the spoken Na’vi language, a separate companion website for it is under construction. When completed, we will post a notice here in the News tab. Stay tuned for that!

You can find a playlist of Na’vi Sign Language videos here on YouTube!

The Songcord Lyrics


If you heard Zoë Saldana singing in Na’vi at the end of The Way of Water and wondered what the lyrics are, Paul Frommer posted them on his blog.

From Karyu Pawl on

Neytiriyä Waytelem   Neytiri’s Songcord

Verse 1:

  1. Lie si oe Neteyamur,                       I experience Neteyam,
  2. Nawma Sa’nokur mìfa oeyä.       (And) Great Mother, within me.
  3. Atanti ngal molunge,                      You brought light,
  4. Mipa tìreyti, mipa ’itanti.             New life, a new son.
  5. Lawnol a mì te’lan.                          Joy within my heart.
  6. Lawnol a mì te’lan.                          Joy within my heart.


  1. Ngaru irayo seiyi ayoe                   We thank you
  2. Tonìri tìreyä,                                      For the nights of (our) life,
  3. Ngaru irayo seiyi ayoe                   We thank you
  4. Srrìri tìreyä,                                       For the days of (our) life,
  5. Ma Eywa, ma Eywa.                      Oh Eywa, oh Eywa.

Verse 2:

  1. Zola’u nìprrte’, ma Kiri.              Welcome, Kiri.
  2. Ngati oel munge soaiane.            I bring you to the family.
  3. Lie si oe atanur,                               I experience the light,
  4. Pähem parul, tì’ongokx ahuta. A miracle arrives, an unexpected birth.
  5. Lawnol a mì te’lan.                        Joy within my heart.
  6. Lawnol a mì te’lan.                        Joy within my heart.

Chorus repeats


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Na’vi Language References from Other Sites on the Internet

Greetings! If you found us through a link from a media, news, or social site on the internet, welcome! We’re glad you’re here!

There are a few things many of these articles and websites get wrong about Na’vi and about constructed languages in general that we would like to take this opportunity to correct. First is the term “fake language”. Constructed languages are not fake, but rather  developed differently than natural, or organic languages that you are probably more familiar with. For example, the construction of the Na’vi language follows the same Universals of Language as English, French, German or any other language. (See for more info on Universals)

The other issue that can be very annoying is the snide tone of some articles that seem to imply that constructed languages are for “nerds” or socially incompetent people and are something to snicker derisively at. What the authors of these articles often miss is that an interest in constructed languages frequently evolves into an interest in natural languages. Constructed languages can be the stepping stone to a lifelong love of language or even a career in linguistics. Interest in constructed languages is an academic exercise and one that requires dedication and a willingness to learn. That’s nothing to snicker at!