Ad Astra Rocket Company Gets NASA Contract


The Variable Specific Impulse Magnetoplasma Rocket (VASIMR®) engine is a new type of electric thruster with many unique advantages. In a VASIMR® engine, gas such as argon, xenon, or hydrogen is injected into a tube surrounded by a magnet and a series of two radio wave (RF) couplers The couplers turn cold gas into superheated plasma and the rocket’s magnetic nozzle converts the plasma thermal motion into a directed jet.

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Avatar on Social Media is About to Become a Lot Bigger!


From the tireless efforts of the folks at Lightstorm Entertainment, Avatar is about to become much more visible on Social Media. A broad stroke across several sites and mediums is happening all at once. A big component is the Na’vi language, where new learning projects and materials are being presented with the help of Dr. Paul Frommer.

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James Cameron Says ‘Avatar’ Sequel Delayed Until Late 2017


James Cameron has announced that the release of the next Avatar sequel will now be in December, 2017. While this is of course disappointing to the millions of people wanting to go back to Pandora, it will allow Cameron and the scriptwriters some breathing room to refine the story arc and reveal the rest of the Avatar story world the way they want. It will also allow Avatar fans more time to learn or brush up on their Na’vi!

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