‘Avatar’ Sequels Progress to Next Level as Weta Digital Begins Visual Effects Work

Visual effects studio Weta Digital has begun work on the four sequels to James Cameron’s “Avatar, one of the highest-grossing films ever.

The Wellington, New Zealand-based shop was most recently in the limelight for its motion-capture work on “War for the Planet of the Apes.”

What Joe Letteri and Weta Digital bring to these stories is impossible to quantify,” said Cameron, referring to Weta Digital’s senior visual effects supervisor. “Since we made ‘Avatar,’ Weta continued to prove themselves as doing the best CG animation, the most human, the most alive, the most photo-realistic effects in the world.”

He added, “And of course, that now means I can push them to take it even further.”

The depth of talent at Weta is impressive and the culture of excellence is one that matches how we do things at Lightstorm,” said Jon Landau, producer on all the avatar movies. Lightstorm Entertainment is the production company behind “Avatar” and other Cameron-directed features, including “Terminator 2: Judgment Day” and “Titanic.”

Landau hinted at breakthroughs to come. “We also know that these next films promise to be even more ambitious than the first film,” he noted.

Avatar is the ideal type of film for us,” said Letteri. “Jim’s vision for the world of Pandora was always so much bigger than what we created for the first film. Helping him expand the language of cinema through new narratives set in such an expansive universe is the type of opportunity that rarely comes along twice. Projects like this allow everyone involved to push themselves to do their best work.”

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Opening of Disney’s Pandora – Photos and Videos

Update: We ended up with lots of pics and videos of the Pandora Global Media Event at Disney’s Animal Kingdom on May 23rd. There is still a lot of sorting and editing going on, but we’ll post some of the better stuff in the forum gallery in the next few days. Please note that the gallery is available to registered members of LearnNavi.

Avatar.com Goes Live!

We’re excited to announce the new Avatar.com website is now live!

The new official Avatar website is starting off small as a work-in-progress with interactive access to the Pandoran Research Foundation. The PRF continues the message of conservation and environmental responsibility that is such a large part of Avatar and more recently, Disney’s Pandora – The World of Avatar.  Visit and get more information on the PRF, create your own profile and find links to the latest on the world of Avatar.

A topic with discussion on the new Avatar website is on the LN forum here. Drop in and see what others are saying about it.

Avatar.com will be growing as new content and portals to other topics of interest are added. Go check it out now!