AvatarMeet Return to Pandora

The US AvatarMeet will be returning to Pandora soon! The meet is from Nov 11th to the 17th and will include visits to Disney Animal Kingdom’s Pandora-The World of Avatar and other Disney parks and attractions, as well as a visit to a local nature preserve.  AvatarMeet is an annual event held in various locations around the world. Visit AvatarMeet’s web site for more information!

Avatar – Pandora Rising Mobile Game to be Released Soon!

“Experience the striking beauty of Pandora in Avatar: Pandora Rising. Lead a flourishing Na’vi village or build a prosperous RDA mining colony. Collect iconic heroes, troops and resources, build your base, and fight real-time battles. Join the epic battle for survival, save your people and determine the fate of Pandora.”

This is the promise of the mobile game, Avatar – Pandora Rising” that is due to be released soon. Find out more by clicking here: Avatar – Pandora Rising.