Kaltxì! Welcome to Learn Na’vi

Na’vi is a constructed language spoken by the Na’vi people on Pandora in James Cameron’s film, Avatar. This language was created by Dr. Paul Frommer, Professor Emeritus of Clinical Management Communications at USC. LearnNavi.org exists to share this beautiful language with all who want to learn, as well as to promote and assist in its continued development. LearnNavi.org was created in 2009 and is the home of the largest and most active online fan community for Avatar.

Site Features and Other LearnNavi Resources

This informational website, like the Na’vi language itself, is vital and growing. We have an in-progress Na’vi-to-English vocabulary section, the basics of speaking/pronouncing Na’vi, and a grammar and syntax section. We have an IRC server at irc.learnnavi.org, #na’vi for text chats that you can access with your own IRC client, or via our web-based SSL IRC Client. We also have a TeamSpeak3 server at ts.learnnavi.org:9987 for audio chats. There are more learning resources in the media section. Check back often for updates, since Na’vi is constantly evolving!

The latest Na’vi-English dictionary in .pdf format can be downloaded here.

Mobile app

We have a free Learn na’vi Mobile App for Apple devices, courtesy of Seze.


We have an active forum and our own IRC server! Come say hi.