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Na’vi Dictionary

Here is the definitive Na’vi Dictionary, translated into several languages. Please note that most of these dictionaries are updated frequently.
Make sure you have the latest version by checking back here often!

English Na’vi / English
English / Na’vi
Na’vi / English
English / Na’vi
Sorted in Na’vi
Sorted in English
Sorted by category in Na’vi
Concise Version (no appendices)
Frequent updates
Deutsch (German) Deutsch / Na’vi
Na’vi / Deutsch
Translated by Nawmaritie and Plumps
Polski (Polish) Polski / Na’vi
Na’vi / Polski
Translated by Kxrekorikus, Thorinbur and Elkociak.
Türkçe (Turkish) Türkçe / Na’vi
Na’vi / Türkçe
Translated by İsmail yiğit Note: Coming Soon (Work in progress)
Русский (Russian) Русский / Na’vi
Na’vi / Русский
Translated by Night Raider, avb2008, Atantsawkeyä Warning: This is a very old version
Eesti (Estonian) Na’vi / Eesti
Essti / Na’vi
Translated by KalaKuival
Português (Portuguese) Na’vi / Português
Português / Na’vi
Translated by Arthur Sousa Warning: This is a very old version
Magyar (Hungarian) Na’vi / Magyar
Magyar / Na’vi
Translated by Kifkeyä Nari and P.A.’li makto
Français (French) Na’vi / Français Translated by Xellos
Nederlands (Dutch) Na’vi / Nederlands
Nederlands / Na’vi
Translated by Puvomun and Mìhìl
Na’vi nì’aw (Na’vi Only) Na’vi / nìNa’vi alu 12.29 Note: This version is not authoritative as a learning resource!

An Annotated Dictionary

Plumps’ annotated dictionary

Annotated Dictionary Frequent updates Created by: Plumps

Na’vi Frequency Dictionary

Tìtstewan’s Na’vi frequency dictionary

Na’vi Frequency Dictionary Created by: Tìtstewan

Please, get with the author if you want the database/stats of the Na’vi Frequency Dictionary project.

Na’vi Language References

Horen Lì’fyayä leNa’vi A Reference Grammar of Na’vi & “Cheat Sheet” (with additional translations) by Wm. Annis

Reference Grammar of Na’vi Version: 1.33 (Hypothetical conditions and other minor updates), Updated: March 9, 2024 Created by: Wm. Annis
Podrecznik referencyjny gramatyki jezyka Na’vi Frequent Updates Translated by: Tängal
Ein Nachschlagewerk zur Grammatik des Na’vi Frequent Updates Translated by: Olaf Martens
Na’vi Grammar Cheat Sheet Version: 1.2, Updated: January 4, 2011 Created by: Wm. Annis
Cheat Sheet / Português Version: 1.1, Updated: August 18, 2010 Translated by: Artur Sousa
Cheat Sheet / Deutsch Version: 1.1, Updated: August 24, 2010 Translated by: Plumps
Cheat Sheet / Polski Version: 1.2, Updated: August 29, 2015 Translated by: Karolina Milewska and Kxrekorikus

Na’vi Sentence-building Adventures (NSA)

Updated: December 24, 2021
Created by: Tsyili

Plumps’ Easy Guide to Na’vi – Na’vi Leitfaden

Na’vi Leitfaden | German 2017-04-21,
Updated: April 21, 2011
Created by: Plumps

“Na’vi Fpi Ayskxawng” (Na’vi For Dummies) en Français

Na’vi for Dummies / Français Version: 22a, (35MB)
Updated: December 22, 2022
Created by: Xelloss

Na’vi Linguistic Terminology

Are you unfamiliar with all those linguistic words and how to pronounce certain things when speaking Na’vi? Learn about them here!

Crash Course in Linguistic Terminology Version 1, Updated:
December 26, 2009
Created by: Karyu Amawey Warning: This is a very old version

Na’vi Alphabet

Here is a guide on the Na’vi alphabet and how to pronounce things.
November 20, 2020
Created by: Tsyili

Na’vi Number System

Here is a guide on the Na’vi number system and how to count and build numbers.

Na’vi Number System / English Version 2.7, Updated:
January 30, 2021
Created by: Tìtstewan
Das Na’vi Zahlensystem / Deutsch Version 2.7, Updated:
January 30, 2021
Created by: Tìtstewan
Le Système de Numération Na’vi / Francais Version 2.7, Updated:
February 2, 2021
Translated by: Vawmataw
Система исчисления На’ви / Русский Version 2.6, Updated:
April 4, 2014
Translated by: Eana Yayo, Tan Jala
A Na’vi Számok Rendszere / Magyar Version 2.6, Updated:
April 4, 2014
Translated by: P.A.’li Makto
Het Na’vi Getallenstelsel / Dutch Version 2.6, Updated:
April 4, 2014
Translated by: Eejmensenikbenhet
Na’vijský Císelný Systém / Czech Version 2.7, Updated:
March 3, 2021
Translated by: Hemmond / Toliman

Flash Cards

jMemorize Na’vi wordlists

A great (FREE) digital flash cards program is jMemorize. Once you have jMemorize installed, go to File -> Import -> Tabular Separated Values. The download below is compiled from the same active database as the Na’vi / English Dictionary above.

English TSV (Tabular Separated Values)
Deutsch TSV (Tabular Separated Values)
Nederlands TSV (Tabular Separated Values)
Eesti TSV (Tabular Separated Values)
Русский TSV (Tabular Separated Values)
Svenska TSV (Tabular Separated Values)
Magyar TSV (Tabular Separated Values)

Anki Deck

Another great (also free) digital flash cards program is Anki.

English Details

Garmin Audio Plugin

Taronyu made recordings for a plugin that works on Garmin Satellite Navigation software. This plugin was initially available freely on the Garmin website; however, it has since been taken down, and is no longer available. As this is the case, we offer it here – this is the sole property of Fox and Garmin, however, and all copyright and disclaimers should apply.

Garmin Na’vi Language Plugin .VPM File Details

More Resources

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