LearnNavi.org is one of the world’s largest online Avatar fan communities. The website and community grew out of our love for Avatar and the Na’vi language and we decided to create a community around it. The result: LearnNavi.org.

Who’s behind all this

  • Dr. Paul Frommer: Creator of the Na’vi language. Not affiliated directly with LearnNavi.org.
  • Sebastian W (Payoang): Founder, Webmaster
  • Mark (Mark√¨) Miller: Server/forum/site administrator
  • Prrton
  • Seze
  • Ftiafpi
  • wm.annis
  • Tirea Aean
  • Taronyu
  • Skxawng
  • … and many other contributors from the forum!


Questions, suggestions? We’re all ears. [email protected].