This is a non-complete list of Na’vi phrases. For a full list, have a look at these pages in the wiki:

  • Na’vi Canon – a complete collection of information by authoritative sources
  • Corpus – good sentences, given out in interviews with Dr. Frommer.
There is also a Helpful Phrases section in the Na’vi Dictionary, which can be downloaded here.

Questions and demonstratives

Yes-no questions are asked with the final question marker srak? Information questions are asked with question words based on the leniting morpheme “pe” (which?). These correspond with demonstratives in fì (this) and tsa (that) (accusative tsat).

These are merely the more common forms; pe, fì (and its plural fay “these”) and tsa may combine with any noun (without needing the attributive a; cf. kea “no” + noun), and other words may combine with the morphemes in the table, such as tengfya (as, same way), tengkrr (while, same time), and ke’u (nothing).

Question Sample Responses
Na’vi English Na’vi English Na’vi English
peú, ‘úpe “what? which thing?” fì’u “this, this thing” tsa’u “that, that thing”
pesu, tupe “who?” tsatu “that person”
peyfa, fyape “how?” fìfya “like this”
pehem, kempe “what? which action?” fìkem “this (action)” tsakem “that (action)”
pehrr, krrpe “when?” tsakrr “then”
pelun, lumpe “why?”
peseng, tsengpe “where?” fìtseng(e) “here” tsatseng “there”