Na’vi Language References from Other Sites on the Internet

Greetings! If you found us through a link from a media, news, or social site on the internet, welcome! We’re glad you’re here!

There are a few things many of these articles and websites get wrong about Na’vi and about constructed languages in general that we would like to take this opportunity to correct. First is the term “fake language”. Constructed languages are not fake, but rather  developed differently than natural, or organic languages that you are probably more familiar with. For example, the construction of the Na’vi language follows the same Universals of Language as English, French, German or any other language. (See for more info on Universals)

The other issue that can be very annoying is the snide tone of some articles that seem to imply that constructed languages are for “nerds” or socially incompetent people and are something to snicker derisively at. What the authors of these articles often miss is that an interest in constructed languages frequently evolves into an interest in natural languages. Constructed languages can be the stepping stone to a lifelong love of language or even a career in linguistics. Interest in constructed languages is an academic exercise and one that requires dedication and a willingness to learn. That’s nothing to snicker at!